Saturday, January 31, 2009

3rd design coming soon

kami sedang usaha kan design yang baru...
so tunggu k..


kali ni just 6 design only will kebabom..
and just 1 design for the girl...
so kami buat limited..
siapa cepat dia dapat

singgah la ke myspace kami yerr

Thursday, January 29, 2009

dapat baju 1st edition



click2 picture masa baju dah siap..
saje testing
happy go lucky beb..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2nd sales..

For our 2nd sale was release 14 oct 2008...check it out this..still available

bere-bere sempoi - RM 28 (white,cream)

bere-bere chenta malaya - RM 28 (black,white)

bere-bere disko dansa - RM28

bere-bere senyum selalu -RM 28

bere-bere world - RM 28 (black, white)

bere-bere muda mudi malaya - RM 28 (white,black)

bere-bere official - RM 28

bere-bere tangan - RM 28

For girl...check it out this...

bere-bere cuk cuk bam - RM 35 (pink,green,black)

bere-bere konspirasi - RM 35 (pink,green)

bere-bere trumpet - RM 35 (grey)

bere-bere official -RM 35

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Release 1st design

This our first design that release on 11 august 2008.. 5 design in da house..

bere-bere abjad - RM 28 (sold)

bere-bere disco - RM 28 (sold)

bere-bere eksplotasi malaya anak bukan bodoh -RM 28 (sold)

bere-bere stereomono - RM 28 (sold)

bere-bere energy of music - RM 28 (sold)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bere-bere introduction

We are one of the Malaysian local clothing labels that are still new in arts.
The word "bere-bere" is inspired when one of our crew member didn't know how to say "bear brick". its sounds so funny when he said "ber-ber" huh~ it was such a weird name rite? from that moment, we kinda like that word, so we called it "bere-bere". haha we cant forget that moment till now on... such a
history..."art anak melayu" is our team motto. in English it was call "malay's art work". it is about Malaysian's art. likewise, we are all Malays in this team. and we were all proud to be malaysian...yeaah rite! haha actually, we're not just tees designers, we also want to show our own credibility in art work in showing everybody's what's the mean of malays style maa! huhu. it can me shown in photography,drawing and tees design. to be exact, we are more to tees design.
Who are the bere-bere teams? Introducing firstly our leader and designers Fariz, assistant Amira . Designers Naza, Apy, Norm and Jan. Our official photographer is Naza doing taking picture our activities in art.We're all colleges student being taking different course like an architecture,mechanical engineering and accountancy. hahaha! maybe quiet weird why we are not in art school. No wonder everybody who like arts are bussiness man, clark, football player and anyone. But if you're creative,such as can make poem, make a song liricys, painting, photography and who value of art have meaning in your heart. You are the one of an art artist! This is Gods creation that had been given to us.